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Total Hip Replacement

Cody Covington, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon located in San Antonio, TX

With more than 625,000 surgeries annually, total hip replacement is one of the most common types of joint replacement surgery. At his private orthopedic practice in San Antonio, Texas, Cody Covington, MD, offers total hip replacement to help you get back to walking, standing, and living comfortably. If you have chronic hip pain, call the office or use the online scheduler to book your consultation with Dr. Covington now.

Total Hip Replacement Q&A

What is total hip replacement?

Total hip replacement is a procedure in which Dr. Covington removes worn and damaged parts of your hip joint and places new, precisely fitted plastic and metal components in their place. 

A total hip replacement essentially gives you a whole new hip joint, which restores your hip alignment and range of motion while resolving your pain and stiffness. 

When might I need a total hip replacement?

Most people who undergo total hip replacement surgery experience moderate to severe symptoms of hip osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or post-traumatic arthritis. Arthritis is more common as you age, so most hip replacement patients are 60 and older. 

Dr. Covington may recommend hip replacement if:

  • Nonsurgical care (physical therapy, joint injections) doesn't relieve your pain 
  • Hip pain limits your normal daily activities
  • It's hard to stand, walk, climb stairs, or bend down 
  • Hip pain continues even when you’re at rest
  • Hip pain disrupts your sleep

Dr. Covington is honest with his patients, and he recommends total hip replacement only if it's your best path to improved function and pain relief. 

He always makes time to fully discuss your treatment possibilities before scheduling a total hip replacement because he wants you to feel positive and confident about your procedure.

How does a total hip replacement work?

Dr. Covington uses a state-of-the-art robotic-assisted surgery system with advanced in-surgery navigation. Before your procedure, Dr. Covington uses a 3D CT scan of your hip joint to design a precise surgery plan. 

During surgery, Dr. Covington controls robotic arms to make extremely precise movements as he removes damaged bone and cartilage and positions your new implants using bone cement, screws, or both. 

The navigation system maintains a predefined boundary to help Dr. Covington follow his surgical plan with maximum efficiency. This extra precision allows for ideal implant placement, which reduces the risk of hip dislocation and limb length discrepancy after surgery. 

Precise placement also makes the implants feel more natural and thus easier to adapt to. 

Robotic surgery uses much smaller incisions than traditional hip replacement, which usually involves one long incision. In addition, robotic surgery requires much less tissue cutting, bleeding, and pain. Ultimately, robotic surgery allows for faster recovery. 

If you have frustrating hip pain that's disrupting your life, talk to Cody Covington, MD, about how a total hip replacement could help. Call the office or use online booking to arrange your consultation now.