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Total Knee Replacement

Cody Covington, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon located in San Antonio, TX

A total knee replacement can relieve your chronic pain, stiffness, and mobility difficulties, which is why about a million Americans have this surgery every year. At the office of Cody Covington, MD, in San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Covington uses advanced technology to perform total knee replacement surgery, which starts with an honest diagnosis and personalized treatment plan from a caring physician. Use the online scheduling feature or call to book your appointment now.

Total Knee Replacement Q&A

What is total knee replacement?

Total knee replacement, or total knee arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure in which Dr. Covington removes worn knee components and replaces them with new metal and plastic parts. 

A total knee replacement can relieve chronic knee pain, correct knee alignment issues, and restore knee function. 

When might I need total knee replacement?

Most people who undergo total knee replacement surgery have severe osteoarthritis in their knee joints. As you get older, osteoarthritis wears down your cartilage, the slick material at the ends of your knee bones. 

As the cartilage thins or even wears away completely, your knee bones can grind together. In some cases, your knee bones thicken at the edges and develop bone spurs that compound the pain, stiffness, and movement issues. 

Common reasons you might need total knee joint replacement include:

  • Pain that persists after nonsurgical care (e.g., physical therapy, joint injections)
  • Pain that limits routine activities like walking
  • Stiffness that makes standing, climbing stairs, or other movements difficult
  • Pain that persists even when you’re resting
  • Pain that wakes you up

Dr. Covington evaluates your case carefully through a physical exam and diagnostic imaging. He explains your treatment options, recommending total knee replacement only if it's the best way to restore your mobility and end your pain.

How does total knee replacement work?

You receive either spinal or general anesthesia for a total knee replacement, making the procedure painless. Dr. Covington uses a robotic-assisted surgical system with advanced navigation to perform your procedure. 

With this type of surgery, Dr. Covington uses preoperative imaging to plan your surgery. During the procedure itself, he uses a console and directs robotic arms to make highly specific surgical movements. 

The navigation system helps Dr. Covington stay in the defined surgical area, allowing for maximum precision as he removes the joint surfaces and replaces them with prosthetic components.

Dr. Covington secures your new implants with bone cement or screws, then tests the joint to make sure it moves smoothly before completing the procedure. 

Robotic-assisted knee replacement requires smaller incisions and causes less collateral tissue damage than traditional knee replacement. This approach also reduces the risk of future problems like limb length discrepancy. 

In general, recovery from robotic-assisted knee replacement is also faster than with traditional knee joint replacement. 

To learn more about total knee replacement, call Cody Covington, MD, or click on the booking tool now.